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Clean Water Education Partnership (CWEP)

CWEP Mission:
The Clean Water Education Partnership (CWEP) is a cooperative effort between local governments, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations to protect water quality in the Tar-Pamlico, Neuse, and Cape Fear River Basins. CWEP aims to protect North Carolina's waterways from stormwater pollution through public education and outreach. 

What is Stormwater? 
When rain, snow, or another type of precipitation hits a surface, it becomes stormwater. When rain or water hits hard surfaces (i.e. pavement, sidewalks, roofs, etc.) it creates stormwater runoff. Stormwater picks up and transports the pollutants it encounters, which are NOT treated before directly draining to the rivers, streams, and lakes holding our drinking water. These pollutants can include sediment, pet wastes, pesticides, yard wastes, litter, and much more. By carrying all this varying pollution into our waterways, stormwater runoff itself becomes a pollutant! Stormwater quantity can become an issue when too much water moves too quickly over a landscape. This causes erosion, flooding, and drastic temperature changes in waterways. Urban areas are highly susceptible to stormwater runoff because of the large amounts of impervious surface! 

CWEP Introduction to Stormwater Runoff

This infographic depicts how the amount of runoff increases as the amount of impervious surface increases. 
What is a watershed?
A watershed (drainage or river basin) is an area of land where all of the precipitation and water flows to a common source, such as a river, lake, or ocean. Everyone lives in a watershed! Often the watershed you live in is also where you get your drinking water, which is why it is crucial to keep our watersheds clean and healthy! The City of Oxford resides in the Tar-Pamlico river basin and our watershed is Fishing Creek. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  released the How's My Waterway 2.0 where the public can determine swimming, fishing, and drinking water safety information. Check out Oxford's waterway here.

Check out this video for an easy, short, introduction to water & watersheds!

Want to learn more? Check out the links below related to CWEP and check out the documents below for additional resources!

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