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Employee Assistance Program

What is the purpose of the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? 

  • The city of Oxford realizes all employees/associated will experience personal problems from time to time. If not resolved, these problems can sometimes become so disruptive their home life and job performance are affected. However, we believe almost any problem can be successfully resolved if identified early and appropriate help obtained. Through EAP, the City of Oxford offers all employees/associates and their dependents easy access to professional help to identify and resolve these issues. 

What is the Employee Assistance Program? 

  • To create the EAP, the City of Oxford has contracted with local counseling agencies to provide confidential short-term professional counseling to help individuals resolve those personal problems that may be affecting them, their families, or their work. When contacted, the EAP counselor will work with the individual to decide what the problem is and to establish an action plan to resolve it. A decision will be made whether additional help is needed. If yes, the counselor will assist in making the appropriate referral. 

What types of issues/problems are covered?

  • Family                          
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Stress
  • Emotional
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Children
  • Grief/Loss
  • Marital
  • Physical
  • Anxiety
  • Job-Related
  • Other

Who can use the EAP? 

  • Our EAP is available for use by all employees/associates and their immediate family members. You do not have to have coverage with the City of Oxford to use the EAP. 

How do I use the EAP? 

  • Self Referral. Any employee/associate or a family member can call the EAP agency to contact a counselor. You will get a real person answering service - leave your name, phone numbers (day & night), and state the "City of Oxford" and that you are seeking "EAP". A therapist will call you back as soon as possible. Let the answering service know immediately if it is an emergency call.
  • Supervisory Referral. If a supervisor notes a decline in job performance or other work-related problems he/she may refer the employee/associate to the EAP counselor for assistance. 

Is the EAP voluntary? 

  • YES! Contact with the EAP agency or counselor is voluntary UNLESS a specific policy is in place which participation in the EAP has already been agreed to by you as a condition of your employment. Company policy states that even in the event of a supervisory referral no disciplinary action will be taken for use or non-use of the EAP. 

Is the EAP confidential? 

  • YES! Management believes strict confidentiality is a vital part of the EAP. Therefore, unless a release of information is required by State or Federal law, all information related to an individual's use of the EAP will be deemed confidential. Unless the individual agrees in writing to a release of information, no one at the City of Oxford will be aware of the specific individuals who are participating in the EAP. All individual records are maintained by the EAP agency and are not available to City of Oxford management. 
  • The EAP's assessment and counseling service has been "pre-paid" by the City of Oxford. There is no charge to employees/associates or their dependents for the EAP sessions. During these sessions, you and your counselor may determine that additional counseling or a referral is needed. The individual is responsible for any charges resulting from the referral services. The EAP counselor will attempt to make referrals to one of the following:
    1. Resources are covered by the City of Oxford's group insurance;
    2. Appropriate resources in the community; and
    3. Resources available on an "ability-to-pay" basis.
                  *The EAP counselor's goal will be to direct individuals to the best service at the most reasonable cost. 

For questions regarding your EAP policy or for assistance in contacting the nearest EAP agency, check with the City of Oxford Human Resources Director, Melissa Labar, at 919-603-1115 or 

To contact EAP call 252-438-2994 for an appointment.