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Sewer Services

Information Regarding Your Sewer Service

How can I report a sewer overflow issue? To report a sewer overflow, please contact our Water Department Customer Service at 919.603.1120. 

Note: The City of Oxford is responsible for addressing water and sewer main breaks on public streets. Property owners are responsible for addressing breaks on private property.

What steps can I take to prevent sewer overflows?

  1. Avoid pouring grease, fats, and cooking oils down the sink drain. Instead, collect them in a container and dispose of them in the trash.
  2. Do not use the sewer system to dispose of food scraps. Place food scraps in waste containers or garbage bags for disposal during your regular garbage collection or consider composting them.
  3. Refrain from using the toilet as a wastebasket. Place a wastebasket in your bathroom for disposing of garbage. Disposable diapers, condoms, wipes, dental floss, and personal hygiene products should not be flushed into the sewer system.

What should I do if I experience a sewer backup at my residence? If you have a sewer backup at your house, please call 919.603.1120 to report it. However, please note that most sewer backups occur between the house and the City's sewer main. If a blocked sewer service is found between your house and the City's sewer main, it is the property owner's responsibility to address the issue. If you hire a plumber to clear the blockage, ensure that they clear it all the way to the City main.

What is a sewer cleanout cap, and what is its purpose? A sewer cleanout cap is a removable cover or lid typically found on a building's sewer cleanout access point. Its primary purpose is to provide easy access to the sewer line for maintenance and inspection tasks.

Learn more about Sewer Cleanout Caps (PDF).

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For further information:

  • Contact Water Department Customer Service at 919.603.1120

How can I report illegal dumping into the sanitary sewer system?
To report illegal dumping into the sanitary sewer system, please call our Water Department Customer Service at 919.603.1120.

Note: A confirmed illegal discharge refers to providing evidence or information that leads to the identification, apprehension, citation, or conviction of individuals involved in illegal discharging into the sewer system.

Only authorized personnel are permitted to access public manholes or privately owned grease interceptors for maintenance and monitoring activities. Illicit discharge or illegal dumping may result in clogged or overflowing sewer lines, disruptions in wastewater treatment plant processes, damage to sewer lines, the accumulation of toxic gases in the lines, and harmful discharges into the environment.

What signs should I be alert for?

  1. Trucks discharging unknown substances into manholes in residential neighborhoods or near vacant lots, typically at night.
  2. Unexplained foul odors.
  3. Grease interceptors appearing full of water and grease shortly after servicing by a company.
  4. Septage hauling companies offering significantly lower prices compared to competitors.

If you witness any of these signs or suspect illicit discharge, please inform us immediately by contacting Water Department Customer Service at 919.603.1120.

Why is it crucial to keep sewer easements clear of blockages and trees? Sewer easements serve as critical access points for our staff to maintain the sewer system and respond to emergencies in the event of an overflow or system failure. The presence of impediments such as large trees, fences, walls, and sheds can significantly hinder our ability to clean the sewer system and prevent sewer spills.