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Garbage & Recycling

Need to know when your garbage is being picked up, check out this link! 

This page will help familiarize you with your garbage and recycle services. If you are interested in setting up garbage collection, please visit our Utility Services page.

We look forward to providing you with curbside garbage and recycle collection and want to make your experience with us a pleasant one. In order to minimize confusion and help us to serve you better, we ask that you read, familiarize yourself, and follow the guidelines and procedures listed below. Please provide the City with a current contact number in the event you may need to be contacted for any changes in your schedule service. You may use our on-line Garbage/Recycling Requests and Inquiries form for this or any other garbage and recycling concerns.

If you need the complete Garbage, Refuse and Recycling Ordinance, search for Chapter 9, in our on-line version of the Oxford Code of Ordinances.


This waste shall be collected every Friday, not to exceed 200 lbs. per household per week. Items placed out for collection must be of size, shape and weight that one person can collect.  Items larger than this must be disposed of by the resident at the local county convenience center. Removal of appliances (white goods) must be paid for in advance by owner - $15 per item.


Due to NC State Landfill laws, we are unable to accept the following materials: car tires, car batteries, construction debris, yard waste (grass, leaves branches) flammable liquids such as: paint cans, anti-freeze, motor oil, or any other liquids, and oil filters. These items are banned from landfills by state law and should these materials be in your trash, fines could be assessed. (Note:  clean motor oil plastic containers and pesticide plastic containers are not banned and should be disposed of with your regular household trash.) Aluminum cans and other plastic bottles must be placed in your recycling cart.


Container placement for automated side loading of your garbage and recycling.

Your cart should be at the curb by 6:00AM on your collection day (it is recommended you put your cart at the curb the night before), to ensure proper and prompt collection. In the event your cart is not out when we arrive during the collection day and you are unable to wait until the following week, a $15.00 service call back fee is available. We ask that you bag your trash (not your recycling); this helps to avoid loose trash blowing in your neighborhood and keeps the container clean.   


Your Brush/Yard Debris will now be collected by the City of Oxford and will be collected the same day as your trash.

Residents are asked to use the following guidelines to expedite collection of yard debris.

Place leaves/grass clippings:

  • On tarps
  • In bio-degradable bags
  • In clear plastic bags (if placed in dark bags they will be confused with household trash)

If you have any questions, please contact our Public Works Department at 919-603-1132.

We appreciate your help and cooperation in keeping Oxford beautiful.


Please listen for an automated phone message during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s for any changes to your schedule. Also, check the City’s website. (Please make sure the City has a valid contact phone number in which to contact you). These are the only holidays that will affect your service. All other holidays will operate on a normal schedule. 


What goes in the recycling cart? Click HERE


All trash should remain behind curbing and not in the streets, because this is very hazardous to traffic. Construction, remodeling, or demolition material will not be removed by Waste Industries under city contract. Trash will not be removed from vacant lots.  All garbage & recycle carts must be returned from the curb to your home or business by 8:00PM on collection day.


The 65-gallon cart (the smaller of the two carts, dark green in color, and for recycle only) provided for every other week pick up, should accommodate a normal household’s recycling. Please do not bag your recyclable material.  You can conveniently recycle the following items:

  • Glass - glass must be food or beverage containers of any color. Not accepted are ceramic materials or plate glass: ex. coffee cups, window panes, plates.
  • Aluminum & Steel Cans - any aluminum beverage containers & steel food cans. Not accepted are aluminum foil or pie plates.
  • Newspaper, Magazines & Junk Mail - Newspaper & all inserts, magazines with stapled bindings, office, copy and computer paper (no carbon), cereal box like cardboard, junk mail, juice boxes, milk cartons, file folders, manila cards, and business cards. NotAccepted- corrugated cardboard like moving boxes, hardback books (glued bindings), tissue or other paper towel products. (Please Note: Corrugated cardboard can be recycled at county convenience sites.)
  • Plastics - Plastic bottles, milk jugs, yogurt and margarine tubs, cooking oil and detergent bottles, plastic take out containers. Notaccepted - antifreeze or motor oil jugs, cat litter buckets, grocery bags, Styrofoam, cellophane, shrink or bubble wrap, SOLO cups or drink cups.

Recycle tips:  Rinse containers to avoid insects and odors in the warmer months.  Crush plastic and aluminum containers to avoid your recycle cart overflowing between service days.


The 95-gallon cart (the larger of the two carts, gray in color and for trash only) provided for weekly pick up should accommodate a normal household’s waste for that time period. An extra bag or two occasionally is permissible. Should there be a large amount of trash at the street, we will not collect it, and you have the option to call and request a special pick up at an additional charge. If it becomes commonplace for this to happen, you will be asked to increase your level of service (number of carts to handle the large amount of trash that is produced.) 


Back door service is only available when all residents of a home qualify for a certificate of disability.


All grass, leaves, hedge trimmings and small items should be bagged, boxed or containerized in some manner, with the exception of city leaf collection when they can be placed at the curbside during the city’s designated leaf season:  Mid-October through Mid-January.  

  • Limbs should not exceed 4 feet in length.
  • Yard waste should not exceed 200 lbs. per week. Where brush is in excess of 2 inches in diameter, please cut into 2-3 feet lengths. NO stumps will be picked up.
  • Brush and limbs are to be tied or bundled. If not, please stack all ends the same way in a neat pile. Each bundle should not exceed 50 lbs.
  • All leaves, grass, hedge trimmings and small items should be bagged, boxed or containerized in some manner and should not exceed 50 lbs.
  • Leaves may be left loose (un-bagged), at the curb, during leaf season: Mid-October through Mid-January for collection by the City.
  • Do not blow mowed grass into the street.  This can clog storm drains and add nitrogen and phosphorous to creeks.
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