The City of Oxford Public Works Department provides Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Department.  The Water and Sewer Department has a 10 man crew, including 2 meter readers.  The department operates and maintains approximately 54 miles of sewer mains and 9 sewer lift stations.  They have approximately the same number miles of water mains and 3800 meter connections.

The Water and Sewer Department is located at our Public Works Facility, 227 West McClanahan Street.  Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  To reach the department, call (919) 603-1132 or send an email to publicworks@oxfordnc.org.

Superintendent Tommy Scholl is a graduate of Sandhills Junior College with an Associate in Business Administration.  He holds a Class A Water Distribution Operators Certification, a Grade 4 Wastewater Collection Operators Certification for the State of North Carolina. He also holds a Cross-Connection Control and C-Well Certification.  He was selected Outstanding Wastewater Collection Operator of the year for 2003 by the American Water Works Association and the North Carolina Environment Association. 


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