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Apply for a job                             Parks & Recreation Sports Registration
Water/sewer/garbage service Application   Parks & Recreation Activity Registration (other than sports)
 Privilege License Information   Fishing Permit (use Activity Registration Form)
Boards & Commissions Appointment Application    Parks & Recreation Volunteer
 Hot Sauce Vendor Application    Parks and Recreation Coach
Christmas Parade Entry    
 Volunteer Fire Dept. Application    Police Volunteer Application













City Code of Ordinances City events
Zoning Code of Ordinances What to do and where to eat              
Utility Services Economic development data
Garbage and Recycling guidelines New business information

Dispose of bulk items


Available Downtown Business Space
Dispose of yard waste Historic Property Guidelines
Identify a Water Leak Historic Preservation Ordinance
City Board Members Zoning Board Agendas & Minutes
 City Board Agendas & Minutes  Planning Board Agendas & Minutes
 Annual Budget  Facilities Rental Information














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