Softball Season Specifics

Post season play is available for ages 8 - 17.  As affiliates with Babe Ruth League Inc., youth in those age groups are members of Babe Ruth League Inc., and are covered by a blanket accidental/injury policy.  Tournament teams are selected during the season to represent the City in district tournaments to qualify for regional and state competition.  teams are selected in accordance with guidelines set by Babe Ruth League Inc. and the Department.  Participants should demonstrate a high level of skill, excellent sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

District tournaments are generally held the last week of June and if delayed due to weather, sometimes run into the first week of July.

Selection to a tournament team is a honor.  Participants MUST be available for all tournament play.  If vacations will conflict with any portion of tournament play, players should not try out for the team.  In accordance with Babe Ruth Inc., participants who fail to complete tournament play are ineligible for selection to future tournament teams.

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