Engineering Resources

The following resource documents are guidelines, specifications and requirements related to such things as infrastructure, water quality, and wastewater.  Additional documents will be added as our site develops and we are able to convert paper documents to electronic versions.

STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE CITY OF OXFORD:  Details minimum standards for all subdivisions and utility construction projects within the City. 

 Oxford Standard Specifications - part 1

 Oxford Standard Specifications - part 2


TAR-PAMLICO RIVER BASIN:  STORMWATER PROGRAM FOR NUTRIENT CONTROL: stormwater requirement for new and expanding commercial developments and large residential areas within the City.

Stormwater Ordinance


WATER & WASTEWATER 30 YEAR MASTER PLAN:  was developed to guide the City's current and future water and waste-water needs, as well maintain adequate infrastructure. This plan is available in the Engineering Department at City Hall and can be provided electronically upon request by contacting Amy Ratliff, P.E., City Engineer


FATS, OIL, & GREASE (FOG) ENFORCEMENT RESPONSE PLAN (ERP):  It is the responsibility of The City of Oxford WWTP to enforce all applicable Federal, State, and local pretreatment regulations. This Enforcement Response Plan (ERP) has been established as an element of the City Of Oxford's FOG program. The purpose of the ERP is to provide for fair and equitable treatment of all Users for anticipated enforcement situations.

Fats, Oil, & Grease Enforcement Response Plan

Fats, Oil, & Grease Ordinance

Sewer Use Ordinance

Mercury Minimization Plan

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