Engineering Department

The Engineering Department provides an array of engineering functions and technical assistance to various City departments and to the citizens of Oxford.  Some of the primary responsibilities are as follows:


  • Citizen Requests – Respond to new water and wastewater service applications; utility locates; mapping; transportation planning; property development; street resurfacing; sidewalk improvements; and right-of-ways as needed.
  • Development Review - Review site plans for conformance with City standards and policies as they relate to water, wastewater, storm drainage systems and streets.
  • Engineering Inspections - Provide inspections for the construction of water, wastewater, storm drainage systems and street construction to insure they are built to the City’s criteria.
  • Mapping - Water and wastewater mains, streets, other infrastructure, zoning and other map and geographic data is maintained and updated.
  • Records - Retention of as-built drawings, project files, inventory of water and wastewater lines, storm drainage systems, GIS Mapping, etc.
  • Capital Projects – Oversee the planning, design, permitting and construction of City infrastructure projects.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) – Operate the WWTP in accordance with State regulations.
    • The City of Oxford’s WWTP was originally built in 1970. Several upgrades resulted in its current permitted capacity of 3.5 million gallons per day (MGD) with an average daily flow of 1.2 MGD.
    • The WWTP system also regulates the Pretreatment Program for industrial waste to insure each industry’s wastewater flow is within their permitted discharge limits for pollutants.
    • The City of Oxford is dedicated to improving the water quality of the discharge waters of the WWTP.
    • For more information call 919-693-8783 or email wastewater@oxfordnc.org.

Engineering Resources

The resource documents are guidelines, specifications and requirements related to such things as infrastructure, water quality, and wastewater.  Additional documents will be added as our site develops and we are able to convert paper documents to electronic versions.
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