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City of Oxford, NC

Public Works

The Public Works Department incorporates two main divisions:

• Water/Sewer

The Water and Sewer Department provides our customers with high quality drinking water and waste water services, installation and maintenance of water and sewer lines, and all man holes in the collection system.  They also read, repair and replace all water meters in the distribution system.


 David & Stevie surveying a broken water line.     

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• Street/Cemetery

The Street Department's primary function is to maintain streets and sidewalks.  Some of their responsibilities include pouring sidewalks, curb/gutter, installing street signs; removing dead trees from and mowing right-of-ways, removing brush and leaves during the fall, and snow in the winter, and clean up after natural disasters. They also open and close all graves at Elmwood Cemetery. The Street Department maintains 36.53 miles of city streets in Oxford while the North Carolina Department of Transportation maintains all state roads within the City.

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Pictures provided by Cole Rodger Photographics