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City of Oxford, NC

2015 FY Sanitary Sewer Overflow Report

The City of Oxford reports Sanitary Sewer Overflows in accordance with the North Carolina General Statutes and NCDENR guidance. Discharge of 1,000 gallons or more of untreated waste to the surface water of the State require Publication of Notice of Discharge. Oxford has had four reportable Sewer Overflows that reached service water during this fiscal year. When Sanitary Sewer Overflows occur it is standard practice to inspect and remove the source of any blockages; repairs, refurbish, and renovate collection facilities; and to cleanup and disinfect spill areas.

12/30/15 - 1008 Raleigh Rd. 300 Gal. Due to grease; Cleaned area involved.


There were 8 in different locations. Due to grease; sand, roots; we increased inspections and cleaned main lines.


6/12/15 - 100 block of South Country Club.130 Gal. Pumped creek; Cleaned area, increased Inspection.

8/23/15-903 College St. 600 Gal. Pumped creek; Cleaned area, increased inspections.

12/30/15 - Outfall between old Avnet and Oakridge apartments 9000 Gal. We TVed and   cleaned the line; notified media, excavated and repaired, pumped creek, increased inspections. 1/15/16 - MH near outer loop going to Fairway Drive;150 Gal, due to debris, pumped creek, Cleaned area, increased inspection.

Stevie Inscoe Collection System ORC.

Pictures provided by Cole Rodger Photographics